How Can I Make My Penis Longer and Thicker? Here's the Best Way to Get a Bigger Penis!


How can I make my penis longer and thicker? This is a question men from every corner of the universe want answered! Men have searched for centuries, seeking the best way to get a bigger penis. Today, new methods, such as male enhancement pills and silly looking contraptions have entered the picture as possible ways to add size. Unfortunately, most of these 'new' methods will do very little when it comes to adding permanent size to your male member. In fact, some of the devices can do more harm than good, causing blisters, bruises and even permanent damage to the penal.

Your goal is to make your penis longer and thicker, right? To do this you must understand a couple of things. First, there is not a pill in the world that will make you any bigger. Try as they may, no one has invented any pill to magically increase penile size. Second, even the most advanced gadgets can not replace good old effort and patience when it comes to permanent enlargement. In other words, there are no shortcuts. You must be prepared to work for any gains you make. Just be assured that you can get longer, and secure your lover that you will become thicker, but it may take a couple of months for the increases to begin. Here's how to get started.

The best, and only proven way to add penis size is to follow one of the good penis exercise programs available today. Ancient tribes used a technique known as jelqing to ensure their manhood reached maximum size. Jelqing is a series of stretching and massaging movements done with your own hands. Today these movements have been assembled into complete programs designed to add not only length, but also extra thickness to your penis. While these exercise plans may not be as popular as just swallowing a pill, they actually work to add size. Clinical studies have proven that most men who practice penile exercise routines on a daily basis will gain much needed size in both length and girth within a short period of time. Now, do not panic because you have to do the exercises every day. A complete routine will only take about 10 minutes, and the movements are actually quite pleasant to perform. This will definitely be an exercise routine you enjoy!

Since these special exercises actually make the corpora cavernosa, or blood holding chambers within your penis grow, all the size you gain will be permanent. This method of penis enlargement has been around since ancient times for one reason … it works! My suggestion is this. Do not fool around with expensive pills that will not work, and forget the dangerous gadgets. Penis exercise programs are safe, and they will deliver on what they promise, ie a bigger penis! A good program will make you longer and thicker, and is by far the best way to get a larger penis known to man. If you are one of the many who keep asking, "How can I make my penis longer and thicker?", Your answer is easy. You have to do your exercises! It really is that simple.

Source by William Lee Stevens