How Reliable Are Online Computer Support Services?


The recent crackdown of the US authorities on some online computer support companies has resurrected the once-buried debate among customers when or not to trust them for technical support needs. According to the findings of the US authorities, the nabbed companies were accused of duping customers in the US, UK, and Canada in the name of providing computer support services. Most of them were mainly operating from India as said by the authorities.

I felt intrigued, impulse after reading the story. It is true that online tech support scams are on rise but not all companies are involved in them. I carried a detailed research on several such online technical support companies and found that not all of them were fake and duping customers of their money and peace. I in fact studied customers' behaviors also about these services and found that they were not proactive at all about the whereabouts of such companies. I am sharing some facts here about how the digital world has grown up and what customers have done so far to determine whether they are in the hands of fraudulent companies or genuine ones. I am also sharing some tips in this post to help customers determine whether a company is genuine or fake.

As you all know that the digital world has grown up by many folds in the recent years following the huge & ever-growing consumption of computers, 'Smart' mobile phones, tablets, music systems, routers, printers, scanners, and gaming consoles etc . usage of the Internet and Wi-Fi; and advancement of technologies that help you unlock your car from your mobile phone if you have lost or forgotten the car keys, send medical reports and consult with an online medical doctor, pay online for food or bills etc., shop online, book travel tickets , and do lot more.

As fast as the technology and digitization have evolved and penetrated in the lives of contemporary population, technical problems have also surfaced at the same pace. It has become really difficult for customers to keep pace between their personal and professional lives where there are always surrounded by gadgets and machines. These machines simplify our lives; however they also have their own share of troubles. And this is exactly where the need for technical support services comes in the view.

Several online technical support companies have come in the existence considering the growing need for 24×7 computer support services. People want their computers, tablets, Smartphones, and other gadgets and peripherals to keep functioning without problems. Some companies fairly started their operations with the intentions of taking advantage of the customers' technical problems that may occur and recur time and again. Some companies started with the intentions of helping customers keep their systems and gadgets running and stay connected.

Now the spotlight is on the customer. With so many companies including fake and genuine around, how will a customer, for god sake, determine whether his technical problems are really being out or he is being duped by his tech support provider in the name of fixing his computer and peripherals? The answer is not difficult because now a customer has to decide what it right and what's wrong. The entire blame can not be put on these companies also. Genuine companies have to face wrath only because of the existence of such fraudulent companies. Irony is that the badness of such fraudulent companies overshadows the goodness of legitimate companies.

Customers who are cheated and robbed of their money by such fraudulent companies need to understand that they can not put an injury on these companies also. In fact, they will have to share the blames imposed on these companies. It is because they have equally contributed to the operations and mushrooming of such companies. We all know that this debt has no end. One can go on and on without really reaching a conclusion. However, we really need to understand the point that we have to reach a solution. We have to find out how we can actually save ourselves from being victims to such fraudulent companies.

Let me list a few points here that can help you check out whether or not you are dealing with a fraudulent / genuine company:

· A fraud / scam company will not have a proper physical / postal address in your area / county or country

· If the postal address is there, you may check out a few more things. Check the registration / inception date and copyright details of the company.

· Check out the independent reviews / testimonials about the company.

· Check out press releases of the company

· Check out if the website of the company is poorly-designed, with content written in poor grammar.

· Check out if the company has a tech support forum or community to help its customers find out self-help options or not.

· Check out the payment method of the company. Genuine tech support companies use secure, valid payment gateways that make sure customers' payments are secured and safe.

These points can work like a charm when you want to know whether the online technical support company you are dealing with is genuine or fraud. Remember, your proactive approach can save you from being trapped, duped, and robbed of not only your money but also your peace of mind. If you are not proactive, you'll have nothing but to repent and that's exactly we do not want you do. Stay problem-free, stay covered.

Source by Shyamasrisen See