How The Placebo Effect Affects Weight Loss


Weight loss is an uphill battle for most. In a world where there is an increasing demand for instant solutions, weight loss products seems to make the most of it. With anything from weight loss patches to miracle berries and even plastic surgery. We all want to look good and with magazine covers plastered with ultra skinny models we are all feeling that need to look good. Unfortunately real life does not allow us to put in the time and effort to eat well, to get the exercise and to generally give the time and attention to lose weight and keep it off.

One of the most overlooked areas of weight loss has to do with this incredibly powerful idea of The Placebo Effect. In fact, many gimmick weight loss products actually has The Placebo Effect to think for its success. Its an extraordinary occurrence and its bee n proven over and over again in double blind studies in virtually every medical field.

It underlines the importance of our beliefs and how your belief are powerful enough to effect any change in your body. In essence, The Placebo Effect is the effect that your mind has to convince your body to achieve a desired effect. In its initial studies, it was proven that sugar pills that have no medicinal properties has exactly the same effect as strong drugs – as long as the patient beliefs that the pill will have a certain effect.

Not only has this turned the medical community on its head, its actually opened us op to a whole new field to explore. The mind really is more powerful than what we tend to believe. It turns out that medicine is not really necessary at all, but what’s really necessary is the belief. When it comes to weight loss, its remarkable how many overweight people believe that they can’t lose weight; that its in their “genes” and that they’ve tried “everything”. The fact of the matter is that when you change your mind and when you change your beliefs, anything is possible.

Source by Deon Du Plessis