How to Firm and Tone Your Neck in 3 Minutes a Day


Loose and saggy skin on the neck and under the chin is a common problem. It may appear after weight loss, or is simply inherited in out genetics and appears as we get older. Cosmetic surgery is one solution, but can take weeks for full recovery. Alternative treatments include neck firming cream, neck exercises, and electronic stimulation of muscles to tone the neck area and lift sagging skin.

The neck is one problem area which can easily be solved with a home treatment. Having a smooth and firmer neck will certainly help you to look years younger and boost your self esteem. This article looks at three simple and effective methods of improving the appearance of the neck. Why not combine all of them for amazing results!

The easiest neck treatment is applying a rich moisturizing cream at night. When we are sleep, our body naturally repairs itself and seeks the nutrients in order to do this. Applying a specialist cream at bed time will restore elasticity in the skin, increase firmness in the neck and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You may prefer a light cream for daytime nourishment, so your usual face cream may be used, and if this does not contain a sunscreen, you should finish with an SPF protection cream to protect both face and neck from the aging effects of daylight. This is important all year round, even if you do not intend to stay outside for long periods. Get into the habit and keep your youthful looks for longer!

Facial exercises specifically designed to firm and tighten the skin on the neck and throat can really improve the appearance of your neck. For maximum results, dedicate 10 to 15 minutes every day for a month for completing your exercises. After this time, you may reduce to exercising the facial muscles 3 or 4 times a day.

In our busy lives in can often be difficult to find the time and motivation for exercise. So a brilliant beauty gadget has been developed to do the job in 3 minutes a day.

This works by electronic stimulation of the muscles, causing muscle contractions which tone, strengthen and reduce flabbiness. Blood circulation is increased and lymphatic drainage improved, which helps to eliminate toxins which have an aging effect on the skin. If you do not have even 3 minutes, you can target the 'double chin' area in just 60 seconds a day. Feel the effects after just one use and see the results in just a few days. This product is compact and portable and ideal for an effective home treatment. With good results in such little time, what do you have to lose, apart from your wrinkly turkey neck!

Source by Lin Parker