How To Get Customers To Your Food Truck


One of the top ten questions people starting a mobile food truck ask is "How do I get customers to my truck?" Many new operators unfortunately believe that if you build it they will come. That may be true in some circumstances but it is NOT a real business plan.

The good news here is that it really does not cost a lot of upfront money to get going. There are numerous "underground" tactics which I will happily share in future articles.

But right now let's focus on a few MUST DO social media marketing ideas. Most mobile trucks are able to drive traffic to their businesses using social media. In fact I am convinced that this is one of the major reasons the mobile food truck segment has exploded.


1. First – set up a fan page for your truck on Facebook. This is very simple to do. Make sure your logo is on the page and that you include video and photos of your truck in action.

2. Second- Start a twitter page. Twitter is often the communication of choice for the under 30 crowd. Once it's set up start building your followers.

3. Set up a foursquare account and allow people on foursquare to follow you.

4. Set up a YouTube and flickr account to post videos and photos.

5. I did not mean to really provide you with a $ 5 but this conversation would not be complete without at least stating that you MUST have your own website as well.

These are the main methods as we speak. Each costs ZERO to do and is highly effective. Make sure your truck and all of your marketing materials have your Facebook and Twitter addresses on them. One of the big issues with social media is that it is constantly evolving and changing. Make sure you stay up to date on the latest trends.

Each media and site has its own unique methods for sending you customers and we will try to share some of those in future articles.

In future articles I will cover more specifics about the fast growing trend of Mobile Restaurants. If you have any questions you would like to see me cover please send an e-mail to .

Source by Brian I Sacks