How to Get Your Penis Larger Naturally – No Drugs, Surgery, Or Gadgets, Just Gains & a Bigger Penis


A lot of men want to know how to make their penis larger but do not want to use any drugs or unsafe methods to do so. There are a lot of natural methods to get your penis larger without having to risk the health of your penis.

The best two ways to get your penis larger is to use herbal supplements and perform daily exercises that are effective in producing growth. One of the best herbal supplements you can use is epimedium.

Epimedium is a leaf extract that is highly effective in improving your erections. This herb is one of the main ingredients in many male enhancement pills.

Epimedium has been medically proven to stimulate testosterone production for an increase in stamina, and will help make your penis larger. Moreover, this herb can also improve erectile function for longer, and stronger erections.

When you're looking into using herbs to get your penis larger you should be aware of cuscuta seed extract. This herbal plant extract is an ingredient that can be found in some drugs to improve erectile dysfunction. Of course, this herb is also found in many herbal supplements.

If you use this herb on its own, it will also increase your sperm count and create harder and stronger erections. Although cuscota seed extract will not give you a large penis while you're flaccid, you will experience a much larger penis once you're erect.

Ginkgo biloba is a well known herb to help increase the size of a penis. Most people use this herb for their immune system, however you can also use this herb to increase the blood flow to your penis. Once you're getting more blood to your penis it will result in a betterection and a larger penis.

Another effective herb you can use to get your penis larger naturally is safflower. Taking safflower extract as a daily supplement will make your penis larger, harder, and thicker.

Finally, to get your penis larger naturally you need to combine exercises with your daily herbal supplements. One of the most basic penis exercises you can begin taking advantage of involves flexing the ligaments in your penis to make it jump.

What you're doing when you flex your shaft is building up the ligaments and tissues in the penis stronger and larger. Practice flexing your penis on a daily basis and your penis will gradually begin to increase.

Source by Sedric Xiang