How to Make Subliminal Messages – 5 Simple Steps to Making Your Own


Subliminal messages have become controversial as you may never know what are behind those TV ads we see and what are behind those sounds we hear. But there is also a good side to subliminal messages and that is changing your negative thoughts into something positive.

Of course, there are issues about controlling the mind and influencing the behavior of others through subliminal messages hidden in different mediums but you may not be able to totally control the mind and behavior of others with just an exposure to one subliminal video. Subliminal messages work over time and in fact, it works with repetition, and if you want it to work as a tool to influence your mind to think positively about your goals, then you can learn how to make subliminal messages on your own.

Making your own allows you to be sure that you know what the hidden messages are in your subliminal video and you can be assured that you are influencing your subconscious positively as well. Here are simple steps to take note if you want to learn how to make subliminal messages on your own.

1. Plan your subliminal project. Of course, you need to map out your purpose of the hidden messages you are creating. If you want to use these hidden messages as your way to program your mind towards abundance and prosperity in life, then you have to plan out the messages that you want to put into your project. It helps a lot to be specific and focused.

2. Start writing your messages. The messages you will need for your subliminal project should be about your main objective. If you are creating a subliminal recording about attaining abundance and wealth, then write positive affirmations about wealth and abundance. Write your messages in the present tense. Even if you are still talking about plans, do not forget to write the messages in the present tense. Also use ‘I’ instead of ‘You’ in wording your statements. Of course, you want to teach your mind to think the same way, thus make sure you have the correct wording for your messages.

3. Find a music or video for your subliminal recording. Subliminal messages are hidden and music is one of the best ways to cover noises and hide your messages. Choose a music that you love to listen to everyday. You may also want to put these messages into a good video or a slideshow of photos that you can watch a few minutes everyday.

4. Get a good recording software that allows you to record a music and make your own subliminal project. You don’t have to go through the hassles of how to embed these messages into your music or your video. There are software these days that will allow you to make subliminal videos or music fast and easy, thus you can grab one and start recording your messages.

5. Save your recording to MP3 or any format that allows you to store it in your computer or in any gadget that allows you to listen to your subliminal recording wherever you want.

Indeed, with good tools and technology these days, you can actually learn how to make subliminal messages easily as well.

Source by Carolyn Anderson