How To Make Your Penis Size Grow Naturally And Permanently


There’s an adage which goes “it’s not the size but how you use it”. Another saying states that “size does matter”. You will encounter other so-called truisms pertaining to penile size, from it has to be big, to it really doesn’t matter, to everything else in between. But the fact remains, people seem to notice the size of one’s penis.

For the time being, let’s assume that size is important. Is there something you can do to increase the length and girth of your penis? Also for the time being, let us not delve into the issue of which is more important, the length or the girth. This will complicate an already complicated matter. Let us just say that you want to increase the size of your instrument for whatever reason. Is there a natural means of doing so?

Believe it or not, since time in memoriam men have been seeking ways and means to increase penile size. You will find tips on penile enhancement in a section of the Kama Sutra. Nowadays, there are gadgets and pills which claim safe and effective enlargement of the penis. But isn’t natural better?

There are exercises, which are geared towards increasing penile size. There is the ancient male enhancement exercise which mimics milking your penis to improve blood circulation in that area. By doing so, more blood flows into the Corpora Covernosa. This is the main blood vessel in the male reproductive organ, which is engorged with blood during erection. The more the blood, the harder and seemingly larger the instrument becomes.

For those who feel that length is important, penis stretching could be the appropriate exercise for you. The principle here is to stretch the tissues of the penis. The effect may not be immediate, but prolonged indulgence in this exercise will eventually bring about an increase in penile length.

Some claim that these exercises not only enhance male machismo due to having a bigger sex organ. They say that even sexual performance is enhanced. A harder erection is maintained at a longer period of time. And more semen is ejaculated.

Admittedly positive results from these exercises do not come overnight. It may take months, and for some even years, to see a significant increase in the size. This may tempt some to take the faster, but less safe, artificial methods like medication and using specialized gadgets. But is your health and well-being worth risking for mere penile size? Probably your partner should be made to answer that question.

Source by Hason Lacny