How to Perform Basic Functions in Windows Vista Desktop


When you first launch the Windows Vista, you will see the desktop. The desktop contain a few basic tools including Recycle Bin, My Computer, My Document and Network Connections.

If you want to add other shortcuts on the desktop, you drag the icon of the program to the desktop. Most of the programs are installed in the program files folder. You can drag the program in the program files folder to the desktop to create an icon. You also can drag the icon from the start menu to the desktop. However, if you drag the program in the start menu to the desktop, the program will no longer appear in the start menu. Shortcut file has an arrow at the lower left corner. If the shortcut is a folder, the folder won’t show a lower left arrow.

By default, the Windows Vista sidebar will appear on the right. The sidebar will show the clock, calendar and picture rotator gallery. If you want to add a gadget, you simply right click on it and select add gadget. You can download the Windows Vista gadgets from the official Microsoft website. The gadgets allow you to access the information you want more conveniently. For example, if your taskbar is configured to hide, you can add the clock gadget to show you time. As you work in front of your desktop, you can look to the sidebar to find out the time.

The taskbar is consists of four section including start button, quick launch toolbar, active program, and notification section.

By clicking on the start button, you will have access to the programs you installed in Windows. The start menu does not contain all the programs that are installed in your windows. If you install a shortcut to the start many during the program setup process, the shortcut of the program will appear in the start menu.

The quick launch toolbar contain the programs that used most frequently. The quick launch toolbar can only display up to three programs. If there are more than three programs listed in the quick launch toolbar, an arrow will appear. To add a program to the quick launch toolbar, you should right click on the program which you wish to add. When the right click menu appears, you should select Add to Quick Launch. The notification area contains the security system program, and internet connection status. If you have installed instant messenger programs, they will appear in the notification section.

Source by Kathy Mercado