How To Remove Water From An iPod Touch


iPod touch water damage is very common, as users seem to drop these compact gadgets in various depths of water. Whether they are dropped into the sink, down the toilet, or have drinks spilled on them there is hope. Speed ​​is very important and you need to react quickly to ensure that the damage does not get too bad. The guarantee for these devices often does not cover water damage so learning how to cope with it yourself is essential.

You will need to turn the iPod off immediately without the device has already done this for you, which they tend to do. The water damage will hopefully not be too bad, and the quick reactions will save it. You will need to fully submerge the iPod in a bowl of rice for up to 24 hours. The rice is the perfect natural desiccant, and helps to absorb all of the liquid from the iPod.

Although this may seem odd many people have done this and it has been proven to work. If there is a separate battery for your iPod this should be removed and placed in the rice as well. The quicker that you can dry out the water damage the more likely you are to save it. You must not try to use or charge the iPod for at least 24 hours. Patience is essential when trying to save the iPod and the drying process can not be rushed.

If you do not have any rice on hand you can try drying it out yourself and this should be done quickly. Try not to shake the iPod or take it apart at this stage. You will need to pat any moisture from the iPod with a paper towel or cloth. The water damage is typically only on the exterior and many of the interior components will be intact.

Once you have patted the excess from the iPod, it should be wrapped in a paper towel and placed in a zip lock bag. The bag must not be sealed as this will cause the moisture to build up. Once the iPod is in the bag it will need to be placed into direct sunlight. A window sill, or the dashboard of your car are ideal. Once you have left the iPod for at least 24 hours no matter what method you use, it will need to be turned on.

This is the worried part, however, often the water damage will all be fixed and it works perfectly. If the water damage is extreme you may want to consider stripping the iPod and drying out the internal components as well. In some cases the iPod will never come back to life as the damage to the circuit board may be too much.

However, you have nothing to lose by taking it apart and trying to deal with the water damage inside the gadget. If once you open it up and dry all of the internal components it still does not fire up you can safely say that the iPod is fried. At least you can say that you did everything that you could to try and save the iPod.

Source by Derek M Brookes