How to Repair Windows 7


First, you must have your installation DVD of Windows 7 which includes environmental WinRE or have access to advanced mode boot in Windows 7.

  1. Start your computer by taking care to insert the installation DVD of Windows 7 in your DVD player and selecting the boot to the DVD player. If you do not have your DVD of Windows 7, remember that Windows RE is available in the advanced startup options that can be accessed by starting your computer by tapping the F8 key or hold it down during the boot process of Windows 7.
  2. In the advanced startup options, you can select the option "Repair your computer" which presents itself to you, which will aim to start WinRE and so you can easily repair Windows 7.
  3. You will then have access to your choice of language for the repair of windows 7,
  4. You will also be asked to choose an administrator account that will perform the repairs repair Windows 7, so choose your own preference!
  5. Then comes a very important window showing you the recovery options in Windows 7 …

Here are the details of the different service options of Windows 7 and its impact on your computer and install Windows:

Startup Repair : This repair option offers to repair the boot sector of Windows 7, that repairing the Windows bootloader, boot sector in French … choose this option if you are having trouble starting windows normally order get to the famous "Office" where your icons are arranged programs.

System Restore : this second repair option allows you to restore Windows 7 at an earlier date as a day before or you have not yet been any failures on your computer system.

Image Recovery system Windows 7 : this option may be to reload a previously created disk image …

Memory Diagnostic Windows 7 : this will help you diagnose a potential problem of RAM on your computer, which can cause the computer failure encountered.

Command Prompt Windows 7 : this choice will aim to open a command prompt to perform a repair manual for example by entering command lines significant (reserved for insiders).

You should now be able to repair your windows system 7 to make it functional again and able to use your computer with confidence!

Source by Sushil Kumar Saini