How to Treat Asthma Fast, Effectively, and Naturally


There are several methods on how to treat asthma . It's a condition that has concern parents and children and even adults ever since the dawn of civilization.

In Ancient Egypt they found inscriptions in papyrus detailing at least 700 concoctions of different varieties that they thought could cure asthma. One of these remedies included gathering several herbs, burning them on top of clay bricks and making the person who is suffering from asthma inhale the smoke.

Now, modern technology and science has given us several medications, formulas and even gadgets when it comes to curing asthma. They can be both expensive and the contraptions could be highly hideous.

You've probably seen coworkers, acquaints and children with these asthma gadgets. In the middle of a conversation they're suddenly gasp for air, reach in their pockets and bring out a thing which looks like a white pipe and then suck on it like their lives depended on it. It's a rather unappealing and sometimes shocking solution to a problem.

What if there was something that was just as effective in alleviating the same symptoms and practice look more elegant? One could only surmise about the existence of such a solution until you've come across this article. Because there already is.

Before we go to the solution on how to treat asthma, here are some natural and safe ingredients that have been known to alleviate the symptoms induced by asthma:

1. Urtica Urens
2. Sticta Pulmonaria
3. Sambucus Nigra
4. Quebracho
5. Natrum Sulfuricum
6. Mercurius Corrosivus
7. Lung Porcine

These are but a few of the many natural ingredients that alleviate asthma symptoms. These ingredients have been medically proven to alleviate asthma symptoms, bronchitis, constriction of chest, difficulty in breathing, shallow breathing, uncontrollable shaking, dry coughs, inflammation of the larynx, suffocation and even chest pains.

These all natural ingredients when combined together to make a formulation that could be sprayed orally. Now, we're not talking about hideous looking pump action breathalyzers here, we're talking about sprays. By doing so, you reduce the psychological connection often associated with gadgets that you have to put in your mouth.

Why is that so important?

Because in treating asthma, we not only treat the symptoms themselves, we also treat the effects of these symptoms which is mainly the lesser quality of life given by the condition. People see asthmatics as physically weak people who rely on gadgets to breathe.

Now with a natural spray solution that you would take like a breath freshener, you not only address the symptoms, you also treat the psychological effect. The best way on how to treat asthma is a holistic approach that addresses all the ramifications that the condition could give. It's time to go natural and look confident doing it.

Source by Tony Randolph