Important Things To Remember When Flood Approaches


Flooding is a dilemma people are experiencing specifically in places, which are typhoon-prron area. Flood can cause severe destruction like demolition buildings and houses, blocking roads, destroying vegetation and causes a lot of health problems.

For people who are always experiencing flood, an emergency preparation should be considered right away. The following are tips for flood emergency preparation:

1. Avoiding the flood to penetrate inside your house.

If you were living in a low land area, which is flood-prone then it would be advisable that you sealed any openings of your house. Covering doors and windows with sandbags, plywood, silicon sealant and any metal sheets is an effective way to get rid from water to penetrate.

2. Cutting down electrical outlets and utilities.

It is important that you shut down any electrical equipment and outlet before flood approaches. Local power center will voluntarily cut power source for a safer condition.

3. Keeping furniture, electrical equipments and important things secured.

You must put any electrical gadgets and equipment to higher places so that water will not reach them. Furniture especially those, which are made of wood and fabric should be placed in a higher floor level so that they will not get rotted.

If it is not possible for heavy furniture to be lifted up or you do not have second floor, you can just use bricks or blocks strong enough to raise them.

Important documents, papers and personal items must be sealed and raised in higher floor. Put them in one case and store them in place away from flood's reach.

You should also consider things outside your house. Rakes and any other garden tools must be placed secured in higher place so that they will not bring any danger once flood rushes. Also, park your car in higher grounds so that flood will not carry them away.

If flood warning has been spread out, people should do the following vital things:

1. Listen and get updated to radio announcements. Take not of any single changes and development about the flood's information.

2. Cooperation with local authorities is highly recommended. Any signal of instruction from them must be considered. If they warn you to evacuate then follow them strictly.

3. Do all the important things if daylight is still available. Power source will not be available during flood and typhoon season as it will not be safe and easy anymore to do things during nighttime.

4. Stay inside your house especially when flood approaches. Flood can cause you a lot of problems especially health-related problems. Stay inside until the flood is easy to manage.

5. Secure your pets by putting them on your house's second floor or on a higher-level ground. Flood can easily kill especially pet animals.

6. Never attempt to swim in the flood. Sharp things and harmful objects may hit and injured you because staying away from flood is vital since flood as well is very dirty and may cause you diseases and contamination.

Source by Ramir Sarmiento