Increase Your Penis Size by 4 Inches Without Surgery!


There are so many different male enhancement products available these days that discovering the best way to get a larger penis can be a bit overwhelming. There are patches and pumps, creams and ointments, extenders and stretchers, and, of course, several brands of pills and tablets. After all these different options, there is only one method that is so sure you will get results that it is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. All natural penile exercises could increase your penis size by 4 inches without surgery, gadgets or pills! How impressed would your woman be if you were to gain an extra 4 inches? Here is how natural penile exercises can make it happen.

First of all you should know that the size of your flaccid penis has very little to do with the size of your erection. Men with tiny flaccid penile lengths can still get huge erections, while those with a large flaccid size may not grow much when erect. Exercise will make your penis bigger in both the flaccid, and especially the erect stage. There are two large chambers called the corpora cavernosa within your penis. These two chambers fill with blood when you become erect. Once filled to capacity, you will be at maximum size. The trick then, is to increase the size and strength of the chambers so they will hold more blood. Gentle hand exercise will do just that!

As you exercise your penis, the cells of the corpora cavernosa are gently torn, only to heal them during periods of rest when you are not exercising. Your exercise routines will only take about 10 minutes a day, so adequate rest will occur. As they heal they will grow back larger and stronger than before, allowing them to hold more blood. The more blood they hold, the bigger your erections will be. Natural penile exercise is truly the easiest way to increase penis size by 4 inches without surgery. In fact, medical tests reveal that 95% of the men using natural exercise gained from 1 to 4 inches of length within the first six months of use. They all gained at least an inch in circumference, too! All this without gadgets, pills or surgery!

Exercise is not only the best way to get a bigger penis, it is also the one method you can try risk risk free. Most companies that sell penile exercise programs offer 100% money back guarantees. Find a good program online and try it for yourself. Just be sure to let your woman know she may be in for quite a shock in a few weeks!

Source by William Lee Stevens