Inspiration – The Food For Self-Improvement


Love is a natural emotion in humans. Everyone wants to be loved and wants to give love. It is when that emotion is threatened by other emotions that the human body, mind and spirit needs inspiration as food for self-improvement to remain whole.

Two conditions can very well be the main threats to the falling apart of the human body, mind and spirit … the two from which all others are derived.

Those two are human loss and anger.

Falling into despair at the hands of a natural tragedy is normal .. and falling into anger when provoked by something or someone is also normal .. but there is a great difference between those two emotional states.

A natural tragedy brought about grief … no matter what the conditions of the tragedy are … or how severe. This grief has to be worked through in stages … despair, anger, hopelessness, acquiescence, acceptance. It can not be avoided .. and each one handles those stages in a very personal, unique way.

Inspiration may seem a long way off … invisible.

But look. Those moments when the tears dry up and the body is forced to move is inspiration in itself. It shows that life is still there … though it is inevitably changed in some way.

Perhaps it has been changed by death of a loved one or a terrible injury or betrayal or financial loss …. a major loss of some sort.

Still … through the grieving is found the common "normalcy" of life in having to do the normal things of living even when it is the last thing one wants to do … or even thinks one can do. Just the fact the body is breathing inspires … even if involuntarily.

Sooner or later you must eat, you must go out, you must see the sun shine or the rain fall. You must see life going on around you. You may not notice any of it but the inspiration to make you do those needed things is all around you … pulling you up and through the fog.

Life will go on and you will be drawn up and out into that newly shaped life … and once you are there, the simple fact that you survived will be your inspiration in all you do from that point on … a treasure chest full of food for self-improvement in every aspect of life.

Anger is another emotion completely .. one that can kill or block every inspiration around one in an instant. If anger is allowed to feed off itself it will use up every single bit of inspiration in your life.

The anger may have been directed at any of a million things … eruted from any of a thousand "causes". Once it subsides a bit … the inspiration is there to rise above it .. to stay above it … whether it be in the form of your spouse or child or boss … or that stubborn tractor that just decided not to run .. a simple inanimate object. There is inspiration there to draw you up to the adult you are … which was lost when the anger took hold.

The inspiration is in the reality of where the anger took you …. to a place of total loss of control of every part of your body … for anger is all consuming. The fact that you could become that "thing" .. devoid of all human reason … is enough food for self-improvement from which you will recognize the signs of anger before they are able to consume you in that manner again. You will get angry again .. that is part of the human "condition" … but you will have been inspired to know how to control it so it will never threaten you in quite that same way again.

Inspiration comes from everything around us. It is what keeps us going. It is most certainly the food for self-improvement …. often in an involuntary way … but you can look for it and will once you have recognized what it is.

It may be in a child's laugh .. in a loved one's touch of kindness … a word from a friend .. in the small sound of a bird or the sight of snow falling …… or in a book.

Whatever brings you inspiration … hold it close. It is your food for self-improvement all through life.

Source by Polly Standish