IPod Nano ITunes Gadget Honest IPod User Product Review


This little iPod is sweet! Instead of finding ways to carry a CD player without looking like an idiot, I can just slip my iPod in my pocket and not even feel it. It's so light-weight that it's great to take along with me when I'm exercising or cleaning.

The controls are simple and self-explanatory and the user-friendly features, such as pausing the music when your headphones come unplugged, really make it easier to jam. I know you all hate when your headphones come unplugged right when you're jamming and you miss a portion of the song because you're fumbling with the cord. : P

Despite the easy usage, the security is great on these little systems. I have the option to lock the iPod with a combination if I'm leaving it somewhere in my bag or something so no one can get into it. Also, if someone has to get into it, they've got to reset the whole thing to sync it to their iTunes library. It also can not be compatible with a Mac if it's been synced with a Windows computer, and vice versa.

My favorite features include the "hold" button that keeps me from changing the song accidentally if the iPod is in my pocket and the ability to have a look at my play list while still listening to my current song.

Right now, I've stuffed 170 or so songs into the tiny thing and still have 2-plus GB to go! Every song can be put into a section depending on the artist. I've got sections for ICP, Dethklok, Maximum the Hormone … At the same time, all my songs can go into one play list and be played all together. That's more than I can say for the old-fashioned MP3 player I used for a few years before finally getting an iPod.

I also like that I have the option to set up multiple clocks for different countries; seeing the time in Tokyo, Japan is something I like. As for song transfer, it could not be better. I can charge my iPod on my laptop while popping a few more songs or videos into my iTunes library: double thumbs-up for multitasking!

The only thing I sort of do not like is the lack of external tech support. I can not reset my iPod without it being connected to the computer. I had some trouble with getting it out of reboot mode a few days ago and it took a while to figure out how to actually get it out.

Other than that, I really could not be happier with this piece of technology and I recommend it for anyone who loves their media on the move.

Source by Vin Hayes