Is Buying the Latest Green Gadgets Really Being Environmentally Conscious?


One of the goals with being green is to use less resources and energy to produce less emissions like CO2 and other things that can be harmful to the environment. So, is buying a brand new green gadget really the most efficient choice?

Most of the time with electronics, they are thrown out before they are completely useless. They still work and function fine even though they may be a little outdated. The idea is to replace them with something new that is better as opposed to replacing the item because it is actually broken. The desire for the latest and greatest outweighs most choices over what is actually the most environmentally friendly.

Without the device offers significant savings in energy, typically it is best to just use the device that you currently are using. There is an energy cost that goes into the production of a new gadget. The savings must be more than the cost of production in the long run for it to truly be the "greenest" choice.

Another thing to consider is what you actually do with the old gadget. If you just throw it away, there are many chemicals in the device that are not meant to be thrown away. Recycle these as properly as possible to prevent some of the heavy metals and other toxins that might be inside the device.

Much too often, people are buying the newest and most efficient gadget all to frequently. What happens is that there is a massive pile of thrown away devices that are in a land fill somewhere. While the intention of being more efficient might be there, the reality is that you as a consumer are hurting more than helping. It would have been better to use the old device longer than buying a new model, if being green was your real concern.

Also, be sure to buy gadgets that you are sure you can use for more than a few years. Learn to be happy with them even when there is something better out there that might offer a bit more speed or another feature. It is often unnecessary for most user to have the latest and greatest gadgets and devices.

There are always new green gadgets that have some sort of energy savings. Is going out and buying these really the best choice in terms of being green and environmentally conscious?

Source by Alexis Sanders