Is Your Weight Loss at a Stand Still?


So you’ve been dieting for weeks, maybe months and the pounds have slowly been coming off. Suddenly the scale wont move. Don’t despair, your body has hit its plateau.

This can last for a little as a few days or several weeks. This can happen no matter which diet plan you are following. Your body has now adapted to your new eating habits. At this point your body doesn’t know if you are purposefully trying to lose weight or are in a life threatening state of starvation.

So your body responds to this reduction in food by lowering the calories required for daily energy. Your body is now burning fewer calories which slows or stops your weight loss. This is when you have to outsmart your body and eat more. Every fourth day from here on out you will double your portions of either your protein or carbs. This will start to boost your metabolism.

By changing your day to day routine slightly you break the cycle that your body has become used to. This will confuse your body’s natural tendency to adapt to fewer calories. By occasionally eating more your body will keep from conserving energy as fat. At the point where your body has hit its plateau you also may have to increase the amount of exercise you were getting.

For example if you were taking a 30 minute walk three times per week you may have to increase that to 4 times per week. If you stick with this routine you should notice and increase in more weight loss.

Source by Samantha Cantrell