Kaleidoscope X – A New Definition For Your Dream Luxury


In to this fast paced world there are very limited way to create a discreet appeal but holding a luxury phone in your hands is a surefire way. Gone are the days when the luxury was defined by the material acquisitions which were good for nothing and you need to spend quiet a lot of energy as well as time in guarding it. But the recent chic reveals a new trend of attaining luxury cell phones and blowing the minds of masses with the spectacular and opulent life style.

Kaleidoscope X is the one jewel falling from the string of luxury phones which is exceptionally dedicated to the people with high class taste. This stands out as some of the most expensive cell phones. The iPhone Kaleidoscope is a flawless creation blend with the most recent technology and fashion. It features a luxuriously rich design with commendable aesthetics. This masterpiece is uniquely crafted and embellished with 2.3ct superior quality VS1 sapphires, diamonds and an authentic python skin hailing from Indonesia.

To have a look on the display we will observe that the phone casing is embellished with 39 faultless colors, round cut diamonds which holds a complete total of 7.8ct iPhone. It is accredited as the world’s most luxurious and exclusive iPhone. The wide spectrum of dazzling features includes the extraordinary merit of changing the color of any image with just a tap away. You can surely restore the actual color of the image but with every single tap you can sense a different flavor.

Another striking and the most distinctive feature of this revolutionary phone include an image synthesizer. This feature enables the model to create and especially design the stunning images exclusively for your kaleidoscope. And every time when you tap the button you get a changed picture. You can simply touch and drag to rotate the existing image on 360 degrees with an easy pinch to zoom out and zoom in. Experience the difference by using the user-controllable automatic animation and at an animated speed.

The phone holds a wide gamut of visually striking and extraordinary stipulated images to give you a head start. The most impressive experience that you get from this spectacular phone is to upload the image from any of the supporting devices such as Photo Library or digital camera. You can customize or create your own images using the screenshot key. Just double tap the screen center and enjoy the big size videos which are really vivacious.

If you do not want to lag behind just go and grab it.

Source by Sandra Wilson M