Know Thy Asthma Medications


Have you seen advertisements for asthma medications on television commercials? For example, the asthma medication Advair has commercials on the air several times per day. What do you notice about the commercials? The commercials not only give the advantages of using the asthma medication, but they stress the importance of using the asthma medication correctly. They also stress the side effects that can occur from using the medication.

If you suffer from asthma then it behooves you to understand how to use your asthma medication correctly. If you improperly use the medication then you could harm your body or even go to the emergency room. Therefore, it is critical to know the details of your asthma medicine.

First, you will need to visit your doctor to properly diagnose asthma. Your doctor will help you determine the type and severity of your asthma. Then you will be prescribed an asthma medication to help you alleviate your asthmatic symptoms.

Now it's time to understand your asthma medicine prescription. Your doctor should explain each of the following items. Make sure that you understand all this information before you leave the doctor's office. Make sure that you listen and do not be afraid to ask questions.

It is critical to know and remember the name of your medicine. This may sound obvious, but you need to know it when you need to refill your prescription and also if you have to take any new medicines. This is critical because you do not want to be prescribed medications in the future that may counteract your asthma medication.

Tip: Have your doctor write down the name of the asthma medication and also how to pronounce it. Keep your asthma medication prescription information in a safe place.

You need to know the strength and frequency of your medication. For example, do you need to take it in the morning, twice a day, with or without food? Find out how to take your medication – is it an inhaler, a tablet, or an injection? Also find out what you need to do if you miss a dose. Do not forget to learn what to do if you accidently take too much asthma medication.

Tip: Your doctor will most likely provide literature regarding your new asthma medication. You can also request this literature from your pharmacist. In fact, pharmacists often ask you if you have questions when you are first put on a new medicine. They will explain the medicine along with the literature that comes with the medicine.

You also should know any side effects that commonly occur with your asthma medication. Sometimes these side effects diminish after a week while others are persistent. You also should be aware of what to do if you are allergic to the asthma medication and go into anaphylaxis shock. Know this information before you take the medicine. Be sure to read the prescription pill bottle carefully as it will tell you whether or not you should not drive or operate machinery while taking the medication.

The key to maximizing the effect of your asthma medication is to know how to use it properly. Ask your doctor and pharmacist questions. Read all the literature on the asthma medication that you can. And last, but not least follow the proper procedure when you take the medication.

Source by Brian Logan