Latest Cordless Phones – The Result of Telecom Revolution


With cordless phones, the users experience freedom and mobility. So, without tangling with the long wires, one can enjoy clear and transparent communication with his or her loved ones. The latest cordless phones have come up with various benefits such as speed dialing and embedded answering machines. To add more, some advanced portable and handy phones favors SMS services and various polyphonic melodies.

The cordless phones are based on the radio waves. These phones are an amalgam of telephone and radio. The portable and handy phones combine two things basically- the base and the handset. The base is connected to the main phone connection that is fixed within a limited range of its base station. It is generally placed on the users concessions from where it can easily get attached to the telephone network. The base of the phone accepts the calls coming through the line of telephone and then converts it into FM radio signals. This way, it transmits the signals from the base to handset and vice-versa. Therefore, it can be said that the cordless phone is a combination of ordinary telephone and the radio. It has certain distinct features that general phone does not have. These wireless or portable phones are high-on sound quality and security.

With distinct features, the latest cordless phones are well suited for every home, nowdays. Its capabilities have left people spellbound. Among wider spectrum of manufacturers of cordless phones, BT and Panasonic are well known names in this domain. As a matter of fact, the cordless phones from these brands come embedded with the latest features such as an excellent sound quality, answering machines as well as a very impressive talk time and standby time. The wireless or portable phones give the ultimate style statement coupled with unique functionality. With sleek dimensions and useful features, the wireless phones are turning out to be perfect for both home and office use.

To keep track with the advanced technology, BT provides an array of phones such as Synergy 4500, Verve 500 Twin, Verve 500, Diverse 6350 Twin, Synergy Squad and many more. While in the race of the advanced and latest cordless phones, the Panasonic have come up with various new models such as KXTG9150, KXTCD240, KXTCD290ET and KXTG9150. These models are offering advancement in functionalities and technology.

The latest Verve 500 cordless phone from the BT is enriched with a 1.5 inches LCD screen. It displays up to 4,000 colors and offers 6 lines for text messaging. Moreover, the users can redial from 20 last numbers. This wireless and handy phone is enriched with hands-free option, call timer, clock, date keypad lock, alarm and many more. The users can even set voice and ringtone volume according to requirement. The latest phone Verve 500 is empowered in with a call transfer option. Hereby, the users feel secured with enabled answering machine option. On other hand, the latest Panasonic KXT-G7120E comes packed with advanced features and functions. The GAP compatible phone keeps coming with speaker function along with caller identity, large telephone directory with space for 50 names as well as answering machine. The answering machine allows a recording time for 15 minutes. The ergonomic keypad and user-friendly interface appeals users the most.The performance of cordless phones are based on the radio frequency. Hereby, the latest cordless phones work on many radio frequencies. The sophisticated latest cordless phones use digital technology.

Source by Adam Caitlin