Latest Gadget of the Year – Sony Ericsson Black Diamond


The Sony Ericsson black diamond Smartphone is one of the stylish gadgets of this year. It is an extremely stylish concept which is designed by a Singaporean industrial designer named Jaren Goh. This is a very stylish phone and at the same time looks very sexy as it is featured with the OLED borderless screen which makes it very unique from the other phones. It is sleek phone with high-end 4 megapixel camera cased in a layer of polycarbonate with mirror finish cladding. The coolest feature of the phone is the OLED technology that makes for a vivid illumination under the polycarbonate skin and gives it a borderless look. This ultra sexy with thin profile, clean lines and glossy finish are the most quality features that can certainly attract Sony Ericsson fans and gadget freaks.

Sony Ericsson is popular for its stylish and quality features dell phone and Sony Ericsson black diamond is one of the very best of them which is not only stylish but it is Sony Ericson has never launched. The designing of this black diamond cell phone is very eye catching as it is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology and handy features. Well, coming towards its features, the latest features in the phone are truly elegant that everyone would love to use and feel. The phone is featured with a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and metal detailing. This masterpiece is a complete trendy sleek phone with quad band network, Wi-Fi connectivity and a 4 mega pixel camera. The features of this phone are not limited at this extend but in addition to all this, some of the more attractive things that will certainly attract people is its operating system with windows mobile and an Intel 400MHZ processor running.

The phone is designed with a touch sensitive 2 inch 262k TFT color screen, internal memory of 128mb and 2GB SD card for eternal storage and a touch sensitive keypad panel. The features of the phone are quite impressive and can give a tough competition to the other phones in the market. Well, along with all these features a price tag of $ 300000 has also been mentioned. On the other hand, it has been reported that a limited quantity of Sony Ericson black diamond phone will be launched in the market and they will be making only five of them. So fans of this phone have to rush to purchase it so that they can enjoy the luxury and stylish features of the cell phone.

Source by Magus Jill