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Samsung is famous in manufacturing aesthetically superior mobile phones. Being the introducer of array of slider phones in the market, time after time, this South Korean electronic conglomerate is counting new fans to drool on their new line of products. Maximum of which are some supremely stylish state-of-the-art gadgets capable of multi-tasking.

The word 'style' probably embarks the top most position in the list of important word in Samsung's lexicon. And with the introduction of some supremely stylish and functional phones in the Samsung Ultra Edition Category, Samsung has effectively emboldened it's presence in the 'most-wanted list' of an user. Amongst some of the models that have ignited huge interest in users mind, here we talk about Samsung D900 Red and Samsung E900 Gold.

Samsung D900 Red is a gorgeous piece of art from the house of Samsung. This phone comes with a high-definition music player, supporting an extensive array of sound file formats and features a 3.15 megapixel camera. The camera of the phone supports autofocus and features an integrated LED flash. So, for an user the phone works as a multi-purpose device ready to capture high quality images and in the same time let it or her to get groovy with choicest music tracks. With support for GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB, the phone has so much so to offer to an user. It supports WAP, xHTML and combines integrated with a TV output option. The presence of expandable memory-slot offer a chance to save huge amount of files.

Samsung E900 Gold, with ultra-slim touch-sensitive control-pad and super smooth slider, is elegance personified. It combines a 2 megapixel camera with LED flash and 4x digital zoom. The sleek golden finish offers a royal look to the phone. It combines a touch-screen keypad and comes integrated with a multiple file supporting music player, document viewer, TV output capability, and WAP / xHTML browser. Like Samsung D900, the E900 also offers support for GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB.

In summary, both the phones are an embodiment of style and substance. Within the sleek and stylish body of the phone there lies a bouquet of feature on offer. The juxtapose of the utility and the stylish outfit of these phones renders a sense of pride and satisfaction to their respective owners.

Source by Amanda Dorthy