LeapPad Explorer Tablet – A Fun New Way To Learn


The LeapPad an innovative learning gadget that is fun and made just for children. Your child will not be interested in getting their hands on your iPad anymore once they get their very own LeapPad Explorer Tablet, which is a definite plus in my book.

When you buy this great little gadget, it already has 4 apps, which include a pet pad, an art studio and a storybook studio too.

By playing the games, your child will be able to collect tokens that can be changed for further products. Simply connect the LeapPad to your PC to download more! While doing this, the LeapPad will upload data regarding your child's progress … pretty nifty!

The story book highlights the words being read and give more information when a specific image is clicked. It also has background sounds and songs too! If you have a receiver reader on your hands, this gadget is going to change all that. Wait until they find out that they can actually put themselves into a story! The helpful interactive dictionary reinforces the definition of a word through animation and audio effects too.

The stylus also lets your child perfect their writing skills and the LeapPad Explorer automatically adjusts the learning across all 100+ experiences so children can learn at their own pace.

There are a range of apps that can downloaded from leapfrog, ranging in price, so you do not need to even buy a boxed game to begin with. Bonus!

The camera is only low resolution but perfectly adequate for the age range of this product. It is very easy to use and its of a similar quality to the stand alone cameras available for this age range.

Your child will be able to photograph friends, family, pets … whatever they like and then distort the images, scribble on them, even add funny stamps and borders. The original file is saved in addition to the edited version. Their images can even be made into cartoons and transported into games!

A word of warning though … the LeapPad EATS batteries! Cheap batteries are only going to last for about 2 hours of playtime, while decent batteries will last for maybe 6 hours of play.

I can guarantee that your child will want to play with the LeapPad a whole LOT, so purchasing some good rechargeable batteries, while not essential, may be a good idea when getting this great little device!

No more bored little travelers with the new LeapPad, they will be kept entertained for hours with this super portable device, which makes it a great plus for parents and kids alike!

The LeapPad will help your child to develop their motor skills, social and emotional development, speech and language, physical development, hand to eye co-ordination, visual development, sound awareness and creativity.

If you are thinking of getting your child the LeapPad this Christmas, it is recommended that you order it as soon as possible as it is going to be extremely popular.

Source by Jen R Morris