Losing Weight – Your Fitness First Steps


Lots of people prefer to believe in the commercials that they see on TV promoting instant solutions to their over-weight or fitness problems forgetting that there is no instant transformation from an out of shape sedentary person to somebody fit. But the same way that putting up some extra pounds do not happen overnight, shaping up is also a process with several basic steps involving valuing where we are, setting feasible goals and determining how to achieve them.

Getting fit is like everything else in life. Nothing happens without you take action. This means changing your attitude and doing something today not tomorrow. What to do first?

  • Taking conscience that something must change on the daily routine in order to see results. Getting fit is a long distance race so answering the question "Why do I want to be fit?" and taking note of the motivations will help to stay on-track.
  • Visiting a doctor and doing medical evaluation is a must before starting any fitness program.
  • Finding a gym and signing up for a basic workout program. This should not be overlooked. Proximity and convenience are two important factors to take into account.
  • The definition of realistic fitness goals is the next step. The goals must be achievable. The focus must be on improving the body, not perfecting it. Dreaming about the unachievable only will bring you closer to quitting.
  • Signing up for a fitness evaluation can usually be done with a coach or a private trainer from the gym. Often this physical evaluation is included on the initial fee that must be paid. The guidance is invaluable in order to attain your objectives.
  • Making a visit to the kitchen and fridge is absolute necessary. All those high fat high sugar foods must be discarded.
  • Tracking will define the frontier between success and failure so having a planner is a must. Should be maintained a log of specific goals, motivation, workout routine, emotions and all alients taken. Logging emotions positive or negative is extremely important.

The key to get fit and be healthy is activity. The way to a long term success is incorporating activity into your life scheduling exercise as part of the program. Commitment and patience are essential.

Source by Luis Nascimento