Made In the US – Electronic Gadgets


USA is pretty famous for coming up with electronic gadgets. The computer and the mobile phones were after all first born in the USA. And since then, there has been no looking back. Right from the mp3 plays to the now iPods, and iPhones – USA has been the birthplace of the best electronic devices in the world. Things that were non existent but now, we can not think of a life without one of them. While postal services were what most of us depended on, now e-mails have become an indispensable part of our lives. From an age where telegrams were the order of the day, we have come to the age of cell phones.

Now contacting anyone is easy, since they all have cell phones on them. The new model of mobile that was developed in China has once again proved foul since the rays that are emitted from it, are harmful for human beings. USA proved one again, that good quality products come with a certain price. China has been trying its best to outdo USA in the world market from every sphere. However, Chinese products are always found to have one fault or another. Apple Company's iPod and laptops have been circulating the market for a long time now. While some people say that even the photocopies of these products are good, the end result always comes down to a zero. Speaking of photocopies – Xerox was the first company to have launched a photocopier, so that the same things did not have to be written twice. Reduction of human work – the chief motto of the Xerox Company, and this too was first found in the USA. Even if we tend to agree or disagree, USA has been dominating the electronic gadgets department of the world since time immemorial. Even though other countries are trying, USA still leads the race.

Source by Kathy Mercado