Make Windows 7 Faster – Use Hard Drive Tricks to Make Windows 7 Run Faster


To make Windows 7 faster, knowing more about hard drive helps a lot! In this article I am going to reveal some tricks you most likely do not know to make your computer Windows 7 run faster.

<1> Two hard drives should not share the same IDE cable

To DIY a computer is fun, but a computer that is not able to make Windows 7 faster is not fun at all. To make two hard drives use the same IDE cable will divide bandwidth equally, due to this, Windows 7 is not going to run faster.

<2> Use Solid State Disk as virtual memory

The purpose of to make the use of solid state disk is to get a faster transfer rate, which will speed Windows 7 up. However, solid state disk is at a high price for the time being, but to make a 2GB solid state disk as virtual memory is enough to get a faster Windows 7.

<3> Set up RAID

RAID is a hard drive technology which can make Windows 7 faster and ensure data security. There are multiple RAID levels, such as RAID0, RAID1, RAID0 + 1, RAID3, RAID5. Different RAID levels have different costs and efficiency. Choose one that suits you best to make yourself a faster Windows 7.

There is a saying that knowledge is power, it is true.

What are hard drive tricks that help to make Windows 7 faster, they are knowledge.

But to obtain this power is a hard and long learning process if we try to make our own faster Windows 7.

Source by Nicole R. Miller