Most Effective Male Enhancement Methods


No matter what women or experts say, the fact is that penis size does matter and it is a glaring truth that most men do not seem to be satisfied with their penis size. Most of them tend to think that only if they have a longer penis that they can satisfy a woman sexually by covering more of her vaginal erogenous zones. Moreover, better staying power and attaining firm erections are highly desirable as well to make sex as enjoyable and satisfying as possible.

Penis enlargement market has millions of products to offer and choosing a right product can be a daunting task.

Most Effective Male Enhancement Methods

I am sure you must already be aware of products like pumps, weights, pills, patches, traction devices and exercise programs that boast of adding inches to the male genitalia, and some go the extent of claiming to add inches to the penis miraculously within a few days. This is absurd since penis enlargement is not magic and there is no miracle that can add 2 or 3 inches overnight. Methods like pumps and weights are not only outdated but can also be potentially dangerous to your penile health often leading to erectile dysfunction.

Following are the penis enlargement methods that are clinically approved and work effectively towards helping you increase your penis size and staying power:

  • Penis Traction Devices: Traction devices are quite popular since they are quite effective. You need to wear the device on your penis for 2-6 hours a day. Once you wear the device it starts exerting pressure on the penis through traction which grows the erectile tissue so that it can hold more blood, thus resulting in a longer and thicker penis. However, a clinically approved traction device can be quite expensive and not every man can afford it. Moreover, cheap, local and substandard devices can lead to penis injury or disfigurement  and I am sure no man would like to end up with an injured or a disfigured member.
  • Penis Enlargement Exercises: This is the method that is most popular. Not only is it the safest technique of penis enlargement but also the most affordable one. A simple set of exercise which take mere 10-15 minutes a day and do not involve the use of any expensive device or gadget can help you add up to 3 inches to your penis safely and naturally. Moreover, you can also correct the bend in your penis through these simple exercises. These exercises are called Jelqs and are an ancient technique of penis enlargement. Folklore is that young men in Ancient Arab used to perform them to gain more penile size and staying power so as to enjoy more satisfying sex. When you perform jelqs on a regular basis, the Corpora Cavernosa or the blood holding chambers on top of your penis expand and grow through Tissue Expansion so that it can hold more blood. More blood implies a thicker and longer erection.

Jelqs and Natural Pills

The efficacy of jelqs has been proven in a clinical study conducted by Dr. Brian Richards who found that 90% of the men who jelqed as a part of his study experienced penile growth after a few weeks. Now, blood circulation is crucial to getting firmer erections. Natural pills are the best way of enhancing blood flow to the penis. Combining natural pills with jelqs result in better blood circulation to the penis which ensures that all the spaces in Corpora Cavernosa are filled with blood leading to fuller and longer lasting erections. Moreover, this combination ensures faster penis enlargement as well and you are likely to experience noticeable size gains within a relatively shorter period of time. A combination of these two penis enlargement products ensures:

  • penis growth of up to 3 inches within a relatively shorter span of time
  • better staying power
  • improved sexual stamina
  • enhanced libido or sex drive
  • increased sperm production
  • faster recovery after ejaculation so that you can have multiple sex sessions in a single night

Moreover, natural pills do not have any sort of adverse side effects.

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Source by Matt Penn