My Fight With A Wart and Use of Hydrogen Peroxide – Part 1


I had a wart that emerged on my knee. This was nothing like the plantar wart I had on my foot 10 years ago. This wart I thought was a mole, however, It was skin colored and raised with a dome effect. There was no scaly top to it and the whole thing was the same texture with no raised and lower portions. I started with a treatment of salicylic acid daily and would take off the old skin.

The wart slowly started getting smaller. Now it did not diminish in its diameter only the height of the dome shrunk lower. One weekend I had to be out of town and did not get treatment and the wart seemed to emerge quickly the next week. It seemed larger now than it had before.

I believe I done this because I play sports in which I wear knee pads and about 6 months ago had to use another player's pads because I forgot mine. What a mistake that was.

Now this thing was growing and it did not have any intention of leaving quickly.

The Compound W acid did work a little but this wart had now gained strength and needed something more radical.

I started using Hydrogen Peroxide at a food grade 35%. My grandmother had this. You have to be very carefully with this as it is an acid and burns the skin. That is why I am using it on this wart. I want it burned off. I used a q-tip and dotted the area. It stung a little and the skin on the wart turned white. I decided to continue using this 2 times a day and would take off any dead skin when possible to get this down. I also put a banaid over the wart area after treatment.

This stuff definitely works pretty good but I think it will be like the compound W and if you stop using it the wart will come back it you have not removed it completely.

I have used this for a few weeks and use a stone to grind off excess skin that remained.

The wart is smaller in size and seems to be controlled with the hydrogen peroxide.

Source by Lesa Bolt