Natural Asthma Cure – Right Under Your Nose


If a definite cause for the asthma can be found this should by all means be eliminated if possible, absolutely our goal should be to find a natural asthma cure. Infections of the nose, throat, and tonsils should be given appropriate treatment. During a severe attach of asthma, epinephrine or adrenalin in oil can be given to relieve the sever wheezing. Ephedrine can also be used in a nebulizer. Ephedrine, 25 mg. tablets, may be given every four hours during a severe attack, but some suitable sedative should also be given to reduce anxiety and irritability in the heart.

One should be careful in using medicines too freely, especially those that depress the cough, for it is important to raise the thick mucus form the chest. During prolonged attacks potassium iodide or ammonium chloride are helpful. Steam inhalations and help but are usually not enough as a natural asthma cure will bring relief, especially when tissue of benzoin is added.

Antibiotic medicines, such as penicillin, are of value in treating infections which may bring on an attack of asthma in people who are prior to this condition. Simple treatments such as hot packs will often help to clear up chest conditions that bring on an attack of asthma.

It is important for the patient to build up his general health. He should choose a balanced diet, and avoid emotional stress and unnecessary fatigue. Asthmatic patients should not smoke, nor should they come into contact with other irritants such as chemicals, paint, or dust. Asthma itself is quite fatal without some other serious heart condition is also present. However, the anxiety and fear of suffocation will only aggravate an attack.

Asthma patients must keep calm and avoid excitement, for this will only increase the difficulty in breathing. Aerosol inhalations are often useful among attacks, particularly in those who are frequently bothered with asthma. They should also avoid colds and undue exposure. Some children outgrow asthma, but all asthma patients, whether children or adults, should be under the care of a physician and use natural asthma cure options when possible.

Source by Tim James