Never Miss An Important Task With Electronic Sticky Notes


Technology is advancing fast and the boom we have seen in the electronics market in the past 10 years is something witnessed for the first time. We have laptops, tablets and smartphones all around us today. Almost everyone in this world knows and owns these electronic gadgets now. We have moved from phase to phase in terms of technology just like we evolved our money from barter to metal, metal to paper, paper to plastic and now plastic to electronic money. Just like many other things our sticky notes have also changed the way they used to look a few years ago.

Instead of sticking notes here and there on your computer screens, walls, doors, etc. you can now use electronic notes. There are various programs available these days, which allow you to use sticky notes and stick them on your computer desktop. You can move these notes around in any corner you want and they will always remain in front of you for as long as you do not delete them. This time you will not have to look for a pen or pencil to write your reminders.

These sticky notes are environment friendly since you do not need any paper or pencil to make them. You do not even have to make your office look untidy by having several notes sticking here and there. The good thing about electronic notes is that they are quite attractive and contain some great features for office workers. Not to mention, you do not always have to pay the price to see how they work. There are free programs that offer far better experience than traditional paper notes. You can create them in a variety of colors and font settings.

The transparency of electronic notes can also be changed, so they do not act as intrusions and distractions on the desktop. You can make them in any size you think is suitable. Furthermore, almost all the sticky notes programs typically have "always on top" setting that helps you make sure that your notes do not hide behind your windows when you are using your browser or Windows explorer. Most of these programs use near no resources on your computer and everything you do on your notes is performed within seconds and without any delays.

While choosing a free software, make sure that it comes with a portable version. The portable version is best for travelers. They can get the software on their USB flash drives and use it whenever they want and on whichever computer they want. Those who have been in the habit of using sticky notes a lot will love the electronic sticky notes for their search feature.

Source by Yong Guo Yin