News Flash – Electric Gadgets to Firm Bellies Actually Work!


Yes, it's a little known fact, and it does not get much publicity, so I'm here to tell you that all those electric gadgets work!

You know the ones I mean, they strap around your belly, maybe with a bit of cream underneath, and they vibrate, sending electric pulses through to the muscles, stimulating them.

This means you can strap the belt on while you sit down to watch an episode of The Simpsons maybe, and your ab muscles will get worked as much as doing 100 crunches.

Superb, eh? Er, well, yes – it would be superb if it were true. Unfortunately it is not true.

Not by a long way!

When I say that the gadgets work, they * do * work in that they vibrate and send a small electric pulse to stimulate the muscle. However, they were designed to help the recovery of post-operation patients, who were stationary in bed for long periods. The stimulation of the muscle helps to prevent them wasting away during this inactivity.

That's what they were designed for! It was only clever marketing and design that created the monster idea that they can give you washboard six pack abs – I have never heard anything so ridiculous!

Come on, let's be serious. Ab crunches work by putting strain against the muscle, they do not merely stimulate blood through the muscles.

If these gadgets worked, do not you think that we would all be walking around with super flat bells. I know I'd be the first one on line to buy one.

You must remember too, that crunches alone will not flatten your belly. You need to burn off the layer of fat that is covering your abdominals through diet and exercise. I'm speaking good cardio workouts five day a week and a diet that is low in fat and does not include simple carbs.

Until that fat is gone, you can do crunches all day long and you will not see one single can – never mind a 6 pack! If crunches alone will never give you a flat belly, you can be sure the electric gadgets will not either!

And as far as crunches goes, they are not the most effective targeted ab exercises that you can perform. Exercises such as the bicycle (also called the reverse bicycle) blows crunches away when it comes to strengthening your mid-section, also called your core.

I know it does not sound as exciting or as quick as the electric gadget idea, but if you follow the good old fashioned basics of diet and exercise, you'll soon be able to make your own * genuine * newsflashes about your flat belly !

Source by Patricia Zelkovsky