Nokia N96 – A New GPS Gadget


Nokia has been the most fashionable brand of mobile phones who produced some astonishing models for their customers to make their lives easy and full of throttle. Their new model Nokia N96 is for their specific, avid and unique people who love Nokia mobiles for the sake of everything – performance, looks, color and maneuverability!

Nokia N96 is ladened with so many exceptional features that the user will never demand more from this phone. There is an exceptional 16GB internal memory with provision to extend it more if you like to do so. If you have the passion for photography, then its camera a 5 megapixel with Carl Zeiss optics, 20X zoom, auto focus and flash can give you the excitation in clicking some of the best shots in your life. Compare the print quality of your photographs with other clicks done with a 5 Mp camera of different brand phone. You will get the answer.

The phone has been subtly assembled with a number of features the carry the experience of mobile phoning to the next level. Beside being loaded with updated features the phone is quite easy to operate even for a layman. The 16 GB internal memory is something which draws the largest attention to it. Many people say that the phone is almost same to N95 with only a change in memory but this is not true. There are many areas where N96 is better and faster than N95.

There are so many things to explore in Nokia N96. You have GPS navigation system with maps of more than 100 countries pre-installed in it. So you have a friend and a guide to take you to a nearest restaurant, good casino or a place of interest. Download more maps from There is broadcast TV installed in it which enables you to get free channels tuning it right. The live FM radio is there you want to catch the recent chart busters.

Connectivity to other devices is cool in Nokia N96 with so many options. You can use infrared port too to connect to some old devices which have infrared option. There is Bluetooth for wireless transfer and USB port to connect to other devices like PC, laptops and others. Moreover you have WLAN, WAP browser to browse the web, GPRS support, EDGE technology and other features.

The gadget is perfect for music lovers who can play windows media video, MPEG-4 part 2 and MPEG-4 part 10 videos, MP3 and other music formats. Explore the world of Nokia N96 and feel how can Nokia really connect your heart to the soul of a device.

Source by Matt Damon