Offroad Scooters – A Fun Gadget For Children


If you ask me what is my favorite memorable memory when I was a kid, the answer to that is riding my orange offroad scooter. We called them minibikes on my days. It had a 4 horse power engine, no suspension system and only a 3 inch clearance. That give me lots of pain in the buttocks when driving through bumps, but it did not stop me for having fun. The engine that I had was Tecumseh 4HP single stroke engine, which I had a lot of time doing some "repairs" and messing around the spark plugs, cleaning the valve … which added more fun owning an offroad scooter.

I upgraded then my scooter to a Honda 50 and for a while to Honda 70, a true offroad scooter I may say that handled the hills and bumps back behind the quarry perfectly. With three gears I had with the Honda 70; make me reach fast urges and even cooler than the other two. It felt like driving a real motorcycle.

Scooters in this time have different changed, they go by bunch of different names: motorized gopeds, gas scooter, and motorized scooters. The popular types are Raser, Black Widow and Dirt Dog. Has a wide range of engines to choose from but mostly they are under 50cc. There is a lot of laws that need to be followed some states ask for the owners to register (some allows them as long as they are under 50cc), you need to be 16 and must have a helmet on when driving on the streets and should not be driven on highways. But for just having fun and environment friendly go get yourself a electric motor scooters. Not so noisy but I like it any maybe you do.

There are two types of offroad scooter – the stand up and separated. Both can be fitted with powerful engines if you can afford it. The stand up off road scooter offers a lot of fun than the seated version. There are a lot of tricks you can do with it like wheels, flips and jumps. Wheelies are easily done but you need to watch the throttle. I can still remember the 50 feet wheelie I had back then, but to think about I can do more. Jumps are also cool to do, plus you can put some spins and launch from a hill to get some air time.

Offroad scooters are not just for fun they can also be use as a cheap transportation for kids to go to school or work. I recently bought my son an orange offroad scooter too. Which he totally love it and got a simple form of freedom driving the scooter without me. It also became a way for both of us to have some quality family time where we discuss on how to upgrade, get it clean and other things.

Source by Josh Aguilane