Old People Get All the Best Gadgets


When people think of getting old they often think of jumpers, sitting with a tartan rug on a park bench and death. Luckily for the new generation of elderly people, technology has come to their aid and devices galore are either available or are becoming available to make their long lives that little bit easier.

Gadgets are fun but some older people find them too tricky to get their heads round as they have not been used to using computers and other technologies in their lives. New older people are much more adept at adopting and utilising gadgets, so now companies are pumping money into producing new stuff for the new older generation. Here are some of the things they (or maybe you) have to look forward to…

Computerised Medicine Cabinet

Medical science is not quite advanced enough yet to allow older people to avoid taking medicine quite often for various ailments that come with an aging body. To help avoid any mistakes when taking medicines, a new computer controlled medicine cabinet is being developed that will keep track of what you are taking, make sure you take what you need to at the right time and will stop you from taking something at the wrong time or in the wrong dose: like having your own pharmacist in your bathroom.

Pavement Go Karts

Mobility scooters used to be clumsy and hard to manoeuvre. The new generation of motorised scooters are highly manoeuvrable, can go off road, come with GPS and Sat Nav technologies and even have phones built in. This will allow older people with reduced mobility greater freedom to go out and about.


A common problem for older people is that they struggle to get up and down stairs when their bones and muscles start to feel a bit old and achy. To help the next generation cope, new home lifts are now available that can be fitted into any home (with more than one floor) and can carry people upstairs with the flick of a switch. A through floor lift can be a godsend for older people for their practicalities but are also just a lot of fun.

Smart Bed

To go with your smart medicine cabinet, older people can now get their own ‘smart bed’ to match. To help loved ones or doctors monitor the health of older relatives without having to come round and take their vital statistics all the time, a smart bed uses sensors built in to the mattress that transmit data on life signs back to doctors in real time. That way they can sleep in comfort and you can sleep soundly too knowing that they are being remotely looked after.

Source by Sam Qam