Penis Enlargement Devices – Can You Make Your Penis Bigger by Using a Machine or Contraption?


The penis enlargement market has now become a billion-dollar industry and a testament to this fact is the amount of devices and gadgets that are for sale. You will often see adverts for contraptions such as stretchers, jelqing machines, pumps and extenders. However do any of these penis enlargement devices actually work?

Penis enlargement stretchers and extenders work on the same principle. You are expected to strap one of these penis enlargement devices to your manhood for many hours a day. The intention is to help stretch the internal ligaments of the penis, thus making it longer. Although there is some truth to what these gadgets can help you achieve, there is also a far more sinister side. A stretcher or extender will help to lengthen the suspensory and fundiform ligaments which will make your penis longer however they will do little for the thickness of your manhood. Unfortunately the longer your penis becomes by using one of these devices, the thinner it gets. This can make your penis extremely unstable and may even cause pain during intercourse.

One of the many penis enlargement devices that I have seen in recent years is a jelqing machine. In case you are unaware, jelqing is an ancient form of penis enlargement exercise. The actual exercise has been scientifically proven to work and will indeed make your penis bigger. The required action will allow you to fill the penis with vast amounts of blood helping to pump it up to a larger size and will also help to stretch the ligaments. However the men who used this exercise many centuries ago never used any form of machinery or contraption. I feel that using the machine to complete this exercise has many disadvantages and may even cause injury.

Another penis enlargement device that appears to be proving popular is a penis pump. Penis pumps were initially invented to help men overcome erectile dysfunction. The pumping action allows large quantities of blood into the penis and will help to nourish the internal tissues. Over time this should actually help these tissues to grow in size and will eventually make your penis bigger. However as a pump was never intended for penis enlargement, this again can cause you many problems. By over using a pump many men have suffered from injuries such as burst blood vessels or nerve damage.

As you can see all of these penis enlargement devices require that certain parts of your manhood are either stretched or engorged with blood. A far easier and safer way to achieve this is through the use of penis exercises, such as jelqing. As I have mentioned, there is scientific proof that these exercises work, you will not have to part with hundreds of dollars (as you will with many of the aforementioned gadgets) and as long as you are able to follow instructions you will never have to worry about an injury.

Source by James Birch