Penis Extension Exercises – Elongating Your Penis Without Gadgets


In every man's life there comes a moment of doubt. No matter how much some people try to be more positive by saying size does not matter, it is a fact that a larger size can guarantee you a higher self esteem. Even if you do not think the other people's opinion matters, it's good for you to feel reassured.

Many people nowdays offer you different gadgets, and to be honest, some of them work while some of them do not. There is a way, however, to get your penis enlarged without buying any gadgets, and you can do that by doing certain exercises every day.

The secret about exercising is to do it regularly – every day, once, twice or multiple times, but always the same number of times. It's just like training your muscles (even though the penis is not a muscle) – you have to be persistent or else you're probably not to accomplish anything.

There are several exercises you can do to enlarge your penis naturally. One of them requires your penis to be erect. That will not be that hard a task, especially if you decide to warm your genitals. That way you'll also prevent any discomfort during the exercise. Warming your genitals can be done by taking a warm shower or using a towel after wetting it with warm water.

The use of lubrication is also recommended, because the male genitals are one of the most gentle parts of the body. In order not to damage them, use the proper lubrication, but do not overuse it, since it will be harder for you to exercise that way – after all, you have to handle your penis.

The actual exercise consists of holding your penis with your own hand, and starting from the base to the tip, to apply strength in smooth, firm motions. After you do that with one hand, do it with the other, start with the other hand just when you finish with one hand.

Some people have the urge to ejaculate, even without any visual erotic stimulation. To cope with that, just stop when you feel the urge, wait several seconds and start again. If the urge can not be deal with, ejaculate and then try again after some time.

There are some exercises you can do while you're not erect too, so you can apply them too. The exercise is very simple, actually, and it consist of just holding the tip of your penis between your thumb and index finger. While doing that, pull in the opposite direction of the base for 3 or 4 seconds, then release your penis and repeat.

Many people say it's doubtful to what size that can help you. However, these are proven methods you can use. If you do not have the time or willingness to deal with them however, you can use some penis extenders. Some of these contraptions are very helpful, but you have to be very careful not to pick the wrong one. Look for manufacturers who provide scientifically or statistically proven information and beware of people who promise too much.

Source by Georgi Ivanov