Penis Traction Devices – Here Is All You Need To Know


Penis traction devices are all over the place today. There are great claims that they can help increase the size of your penis or make your penis bigger. But are these claims true or are they just another rip-off scheme? Let's look at traction itself and how it works.

So what exactly is trafficking?
The word Traction in its simplest term refers to the carefully calibrated, precise and continuous tension or pressure applied to some parts of the body to help it heal from injury, burns, surgery, and so on. Traction is used to stress tissues by stretching and allowing them to heal through cell regeneration.

During traction, the stretching being provided causes micro tears in tissues and also opens up space between cells. This automatically initiates a healing process. This is because those adjacent cells begin to divide through a process known as 'mitosis' filling up the spaces that have been created. If used continuously, it can literary give rise to millions of cells, which then adds significant size and tissue to the area.

Lots of clinical and medical studies have proven and shown that continuous use of traction devices result in permanent growth of body tissues. This includes skin, muscles, ligament, bones, tendons, and even teeth. Clinical studies have proven that stretching increases the length and girth of body tissues, which is sometimes measurable by inches.

Various application of transaction in everyday life
Bone lengthening and stretching: The bone in our body systems are somewhat elastic, and always have the tendency to grow longer, when subjected to some continuous stretching exercises. According to medical experts, bone lengthening can be achieved by exerting physical stress on the limbs. So an important exercise for growing taller is stretching before and after workouts. When you stretch your limbs this way, the muscles are relaxed, and bones get responses or stimulus to grow taller.

regular exercises like stretching has beneficial on the toning of loose and wrinkled skin. More stretching gives rise to more skin shedding. Generally, stretching workouts are considered a great way to get your skin back to its normal tone and elasticity

Neck traction (cervical traction): historically, neck stretching was practiced for centuries. For example, the Padang tribe of Burma adored women with long necks. Girls start wearing rings on their neck from childhood. As they grew older, more rings were added. This resolved in longer necks for the women. Some had necks as long as 10 – 15 inches.

Today, neck traction is widely used as physical therapy, which helps to eliminate neck pain by applying gentle stress to the cervical spine. Cervical traction also helps to create space between vertebrae. This help to keep spinal discs healthy.

Neck traction is achieved professionally by using mechanical devices to stretch the cervical vertebrae, which help to open spaces between them. It can also be manually with the therapist standing behind the patient and gently pulling the patient's head.

Penis stretching: the principle of penal stretching dates back to centuries. Lots of native people have used trafficking to increase the size of their penis; the Sadhus holy men of India, Papua Indians of New Guinea who typically use stretching to gain unbelievable penis length. Penis stretching adds measurable length and girth to the penis by using traction to assist the human body's natural ability to develop under stress and tension.

Subjecting the penal to a durable and sustained trafficking, the cells in the penal chambers, Tunica and suspensory ligament beginning to divide. This gives rise to multiple cell division and regeneration, which helps to increase the size of the tissue. This means that your penis continues to adjust and adapt to the transaction until there is no more tension being exerted

Source by Adedayo Kuteyi