Pilates for Fitness


What is Pilates? This question if often asked by the new fitness freaks. Pilates is nothing new as have existed since the 1920s when it was first devised during the World War I in Germany. Pilates consist of around 500 forms of exercise most of which are dance and yoga based movement all aiming to elongate the muscles and make them more flexible and agile.

From Germany the Pilates finds its way to the United States and now it will become a craze every where. Before Pilates was absorbed as a form of exercise while in the mainstream, the dancers adopted it in their quest for having an agile body and extreme fitness. There is practically no long repetition of exercises in Pilates. Each exercise follows another in a scientific manner with precision and the person works out like a clock work.

Not only Pilates is an exercise regime which has now come to the mainstream, it has been found useful helping people with some physically chronic conditions. Pilates requires an individualistic approach and usually needs a professional instructor who can adapt the training program to suit your body conditions. While Pilates can be done in a group, but initially it should be done individually under expert eye who can take care of your needs especially if you are suffering from physical chronic conditions. Pilates is for fitness and not aimed at weight loss as this form of exercise in not aerobic exercise in nature.

Pilates appear to be quite appealing initially because of what one witnesses another person just lying down on the mat and exercising. Do not get fooled by what you see. To receive all the benefits of Pilates it takes time, energy and perseverance. It dose not have those weights which you typically see in all workout machines in the gym but uses a set of springs to provide the resistance required for developing the flexibility and muscles .

Pilates is not available at most of the gyms, so why not give it a try.

Source by Brian I Park