Potential Reasons That Spouses Hide Their Cell Phones


Recently, I’ve begun getting emails that focus on hidden cell phones, deleted text messages, and erased call logs. I’m often asked what it means if a spouse is isolating themselves when using the phone or are blatantly hiding it. There can be many implications to this and many of them are not all that innocent, although some are. In the following article, I’ll discuss some of the potential reasons that spouses hide their cell phones.

Innocent Reasons That Spouses Might Hide Their Cell Phone: The reasons that have logical explanations behind them are often more difficult to envision, but they do exist. I’ve heard of instances where a spouse might be trying to set up a nice surprise and doesn’t want for you to find out about it until the event actually happens.

Other times, they might be receiving unsolicited photo or text messages from someone who is bothering them or sending them spam. They might be afraid that you will see this and get the wrong idea. Finally, I’ve seen instances where the spouse hiding the phone is concerned about you and is having conversations about this with your friends and family. There are discussions on the phone that might have been made out of concern to you. However, your spouse might be concerned that you would take this the wrong way and doesn’t want to offend you.

Sometimes, you’re dealing with a spouse who is very demanding about their privacy. They don’t want anyone reading their emails or going through their phone. Typically, this would’ve always been part of their personality and you likely saw this behavior before you were married. But, if this demand for privacy is coming out of the blue, then it’s normal for you to wonder why.

Troublesome Reasons Why You Spouse Might Hide Their Cell Phone From You: I think that, deep down, many people’s instincts tell them that something is potentially very wrong when this type of secrecy occurs. Many times, spouses will hide the phone because they have something to hide from you. Many people have large parts of their lives on their phone. Their internet history is there. Their Facebook login (and messages associated with that account) are stored there. Their emails are there. Their call logs are there. Text, picture, and sometimes video messages are there. Some of the most incriminating evidence of an affair is found in the video files of a person’s phone.

It’s no coincidence that many spouses today find out about their spouse’s cheating or affair from clues that they’ve found on their mobile phone. So it’s entirely understandable that them hiding it brings up alarm bells in your head. There could be certainly be evidence of wrongdoing on it.

Many people ask me things like “but wouldn’t he be smart enough to delete any evidence of cheating?” You would think so and many people do. But, many spouses worry that the person they are cheating with are going to spontaneously text or message them when they aren’t physically present. How bad would it be if the other woman sent an inappropriate photo of herself while he was in the bathroom and the wife grabbed the phone off of the kitchen counter? So, many people feel that it’s safer to hide the phone when they aren’t alone.

Also, some people just can’t bear to erase some of the photos, text messages, or videos that remind them of the other person. They don’t want to surrender these things forever so they’d rather just keep the mobile out of your reach. Finally, many people know or suspect that it’s possible to restore or bring up deleted information from any gadget. They probably suspect that if you were able to get your hands on the phone while you were alone for even a few minutes, you could possibly uncover all of their secrets during that time.

Source by Seeta Dean