Proven Natural Asthma Medications


Probably, one of the most difficult ailments to deal because of its recurring state is asthma. This disease is caused by inflamed airways in the lungs which make breathing an effort. Although there are several types of asthma medications available in the market, some individuals are also looking for effective natural asthma medications. There are symptoms that preclude an asthma attack; some of these include coughing, chest tightening, wheezing and shallow breaths. One of the ways to avoid these conditions is to remove sugar and dairy products from your kid’s diet. It does not only reduce the occurrence of asthma, but it also prevents symptoms of asthma.

Although a dietary change is not considered a natural asthma medication, it still prevents asthma attacks. In adult asthma sufferers, a great way to start your new diet is to lessen the intake of shellfish, meat, and eggs. One effective natural asthma medication is the intake of the fatty acid omega three in the form of supplements. Studies have shown that increased consumption of this fatty acid reduces the inflammation of dangerous acids in your system. Another effective anti-inflammatory herb that’s good for asthmatics is butterbur. This is one natural medication that’s really effective. Eating fresh pineapple in larger amounts will also be good for asthma patients. This fruit contains bromelain that lessens inflammation, especially in the lungs which are one of the primary organs affected during an asthma attack.

Another herbal plant who’s good for asthma is boswallia. This plant is now made into pill form. Like the other two herbal plants, this herbal plant also helps cut back the inflammation of the air passages which is the primary culprit in asthma attacks. Stress is as well one of the most common causes of asthma, and to counter stress it’s best to take yoga classes. Yoga not only helps you relax, but it has been training on breathing exercises that can be helpful during attacks of asthma. This is one of the most effective natural asthma medications that a patient can ever undergo.

Source by Michael Harrah