Rowing For Fitness


Health and fitness has become such an important part of the days’ agenda that in order to cater to the needs of the health and fitness conscious individuals more and improved gadgets have now hit the market. If cycling within the house is permissible with exercise bikes, then rowing is also possible within the confines of the house. The experience mimics the real rowing one on water and is just exacting on the muscles of the body. It is a complete fitness exercise regimen designed with great care for the suitability of individual requirements. Indeed some brands actually have water a water fly system.

Some brands have very simple lines while others are more complex in structure with many added features. They are also reasonably priced. However the following features are generally what one should look for in a good rowing machine. The device should offer at least 12 resistance levels, which can be adjusted to get the best rowing advantage for each individual. The display should indicate the time, strokes, distance, the strokes per minute and most important of all, the number of calories burnt. The foot plates should have adjustable straps and most come with Velcro straps. There are generally four LCD display windows with a smooth cable pull. The seat is comfortably padded. The polyurethane rollers ensure that the rowing experience is smooth.

Regular use of a rowing machine will strengthen the core muscles and improve the posture. The muscles of the abdomen shoulder and back will be strengthened. Additional features include information about the intensity of the workout and the users’ heart rate. The cardio pulse set measures the accurate heart rate. The programmes can be set to the individuals’ heart condition. Users can try out several workouts through different programmes. In addition there is a chest belt, a brake system, and a central rope-pull system to make the rowing simpler. Some devices indicate the room temperature also.

It should be sturdy enough to have the capacity to take at least 90 to 100 kilograms of the users’ weight. These devices are made of steel, aluminum, wood and plastic parts and run on batteries. Most of the rowing machines have been built sturdy but are not heavy. They are so compact that they can be folded within themselves and this makes it easy to carry it about. They may weigh around 43 kilograms but the weight differs with the brand.

Source by Victor Thomas