Safe Fast Weight Loss – 10 Tips to a Better You


Wouldn’t it be great if we knew the steps for safe, fast weight loss? Over one half of the United States population are overweight. Being overweight can have adverse effects on ones health. Our physical appearance at work or in social settings are additional reasons we may want to lose weight.

At some point in their lives, many people want or need to take off excess pounds. In their younger years, physical activity levels coupled with a more efficient metabolism may have kept them at appropriate weight levels. However, as they age, other life activities get in the way and may prevent them from taking part in sports or planned workouts, or they otherwise become less active. Perhaps they also consume foods that have poor nutritional value. Of course, any plan for fast weight loss must also factor in the body’s metabolic need, individual health issues such as heredity or current medical conditions. Read on to learn what you can do for safe, fast weight loss.

1. Expend more calories than you consume. Exercise several times a week.

2. Eat six smaller meals throughout the day.

3. Eat breakfast every day. This gets your metabolism going.

4. Reduce or eliminate sugar in your diet.

5. Eat more fruits and nuts. These have lower calories than many other foods, and high fiber as well.

6. Drink plenty of water. The water provides a full feeling, so you will eat less and it flushes your system.

7. Get 8 hours sleep every night.

8. Use smaller plates, and take smaller portions. Moderation or “portion control” is the key.

9. Take the stairs. Walk to lunch. Park your car farther from the door than usual.

10. Weigh yourself regularly and record the weight so you can see your progress.

Source by Ron Owens