Seattle, Washington: Buy Another House in the Pacific Northwest


My parents, diplomats motivated by the wonderful economy of the 90s, decided to buy another house in Seattle, Washington, which we would never live in but would turn a good profit from the rent and temporary sale. So they made the buying process a family affair, and we drve three hours from my grandparents home in Portland, Oregon to take in the city I only knew through one of my mother's favorite movies, 'Sleepless in Seattle.' During our weekend I was exposed to the things the city is often stereotyped for, although I do not recall it raining once that first weekend. I have returned many times since, each occasion convincing me that my parent's decision to buy another home there had been the right one.

Seattle is the northern most major city in the continental United States, and the largest in the Pacific Northwest (as well as the fifteenth largest metropolis in the US) Situated between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, the city is beautiful with no shortage of water views and some of the best urban architecture can offer. Famed Washington forests, the pacific, the San Juan islands, and other major cities (Portland and Vancouver, Canada among them) all provide retreats from the city, although there is enough there to keep one from ever feeling the need to leave. Seattle boasts diversity and a competent of colleges, and the US census bureau repeatedly shows the city to have a higher percentage of college graduates than any other America city, among the many reasons to buy another house there.

The Seattle area has been continuously occupied for over 4000 years, despite the European settles only got there in the mid-19th century. A rich Native American history is relatively accessible, and the contemporary music scene owes a lot to Seattle. The city was blamed for its jazz, and then later the creation of grunge rock, both of which can still be heard in various musical venues. While in college in Portland I saw many a show at the Showbox, a terrific intimate venue, and have always been thankful that my parent's decision to buy another house always saved me from a three-hour drive home. That being said, I am a native of the Pacific Northwest and can attest that although it may indeed rain for ten months of the year, it is more a light drizzle than a pour, making umbrellas quite a fashion faux-paux. The gray skies always suited me, for they made the sunny days a gift, and everything always remains full of life and a lush, vibrant green.

Buy another house in Seattle to experience a culture unique and full of all things dear to my heart: food, fitness, innovation, and overall green living. The populace is full of foodies, who preach a local, seasonal mantra. The coffee is spectacular, Starbucks only being one testament to this fact. Seattle is home to outdoor enthusiasts and IT experts alike, making it a place for always being ahead of the curve. The city is the hotbed of 'green' technology, which is telling of this fact. Seattle is always looking forward, making the investment of purchasing another home a good one. If one needs more reasons, then look to the city's classics, for Pike's Place Market never disappoints, and the Daily Donut Dozen located inside it still cranks out the most delicious little donuts around. Follow my parents ', and many others' lead to buy another house in Seattle, Washington, and I assure you that the Pacific Northwest and its distinct lifestyle will not disappoint.

Source by Kiran M Herbert