Seven Coming 10 Android Tablet Alternatives To The Apple iPad


With the introduction of Apple iPad in the gadget category, there have been a lot of other products emerging as well. The 10 "inch android tablet category has blossomed and following are reviews of few of the best cheap tablet android purchase options available for the consumers:

HP Slate

Microsoft in collaboration with Hewlett Packard has launched a 10 "android tablet that aims to give a tough time to its competitors. The distinction it has over other brands is that it will run Windows 7 which itself has taken the market by a storm. usability of Windows 7 will definitely make HP Slate 10 "android tablet very popular. It also has a very sleek and sexy design to suit the needs of all fashion goers.

Dell Streak

The Deal Streak is another one in the line of 10 "android tablets that are going to go one step ahead of the others. It has inculcated mobile technology in the tablet which makes it way more useful than the other mentioned. It has variations in size and can be as small as only five inches. Streak is more in line with the current crop of latest mobile internet devices like the Internet tablet series Archos has launched. This will certainly be a step in a new direction for Dell if they could offer best cheap tablet android deal to its consumers.

Asus Eee Tablet

Being the pioneers in the notebook category, how could Asus stay behind? Their new 10 "android tablet was launched last month and has a special four button function on the main screen making it extremely easy to use.

Compal Tablet

Another sensation in the 10 "android tablet category is the Compal Tablet. It uses a high powered next-generation Tegra 2 processor NVIDIA which takes you into a completely new dimension of tablet usage. back. Compal tablet boats long battery life and on-battery usage.

Notion Ink Adam

Notion Ink tablet is known for its screen technology Pixel Qi that integrates the use of a full color multi-touch screen which makes it a pleasure to use. The screen has low-power reflectors which make it readable even in sunlight!


This 10 "android tablet is powered by the Tegra 2 processor and is a screen that offers maximum responsiveness.


The Quanta 10 "android tablet has integrated Wi-Fi and 3G-enabled support that all internet hot spot environments.

Source by Ima Johnson