Seven Coolest Features of Windows 7 – From an Ex-XP User


I have been following Windows 7 updates since its launch and saw how people were going crazy and buying this new OS. The tech geek inside me wanted to join the league but being in this recession hit economy, I stayed back and decided not to spend money on an upgrade. But then last week, Windows XP crashes. Talk about Perfect Timing !!

So yes, I gave in, decided to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, and ordered the new Windows 7 Home Premium which came loaded with IE8. I have been playing around with it for few days now and I must say I love it. It is loaded with so many cool features. Whenever I start my laptop, just the look and feel of this new Windows makes me fall more and more in love with it.

So, today I decided to share seven coolest features of Windows 7, which I have personally used, with you all. For those who have not upgraded yet, this list may also provide you with reasons for switching to Windows 7. The list begins:

1) Jump Lists: This feature lets me jump to documents, pictures, music and websites that I turn to every day. A right-click on IE8 shows me a list of frequently visited websites. A right-click on Microsoft Word shows me a list of recent documents I visited. Plus, I can easily pin anything to my jump lists. Just drag a document to your jump list and it will be pinned there for you. Easy !!

2) Snap: This is a fun and quick way to resize open windows. No more clicking on the resize button or dragging it to see the cropped content. Just drag an open window to a location and see it resize automatically. With Windows XP, if I drag window to extreme left or right of the screen, part of the window gets cropped. But the fun part with Windows 7 is that window resizes automatically without cropping any part.

3) Windows Taskbar: The new taskbar acts like a personal toolbar for easy access to my favorite programs. Right-click on your favorite program and select "Pin to Taskbar". Voila !! Your favorite program is now on the toolbar. I know, we could do this in Windows XP as well. But could you re-arrange the icons? No, not in XP. But with windows 7, easily re-arrange the icons by simply dragging them. Here is a cool feature to see: Minimize all the windows and point your cursor on IE icon. You will see thumbnails of all the tabs open. Select the one you want to work on and it will open up. Cool, is not it?

4) Windows Search: Searching for anything on my computer has become easy with this new feature. Start typing in the search box and you will see relevant suggestions that are further grouped by category. Have more than one result? Narrow them down by date, file type, author and other categories. Still not sure if this is the right document? Select it and see a preview in the right pane.

5) Libraries: Gather files scattered across your PC or network and organize them in libraries. This was perhaps the most useful feature that came in handy for me. With Windows XP crashing on my laptop, I had everything backed up on external hard drive. I was sure I'll have to go through a lot, to have all my files back the way I want them to be. But thanks to this feature, organizing my files, especially all my photos, was not at all cumbersome.

6) Rotating Wallpapers: There are so many new and eye-catching wallpapers included with Windows 7 that you actually want to have all of them on your desktop. Now, you can do this with Windows 7. Go ahead and select some nice images from background settings and then check Shuffle. Also specify how long you want one image to be on your desktop. Sit back and enjoy the new wallpapers every few minutes. I have this feature on and set to shuffle after 1 day. So, each day I am greeted with new wallpaper. Makes my day more beautiful.

7) One-Click Wi-Fi Access: Setting up an internet connection just takes one single click. Click on the system tray and simply select the internet connection from the list. Done !! You are connected. This feature is great for people who travel a lot and need Wi-Fi connection all the time.

There are load of other features like Home Group, Shake, Sticky Notes, Display Projection and more. I have not had a chance to try them yet, but all in all Windows 7 is awesome. Do upgrade to Windows 7, or you may be missing an important phase. For those who already are using Window 7, share some of your experiences – what are your views on Windows 7?

Source by Kanika Gupta