Should a Woman Give a Man Gifts?


You can be sure he will love getting gifts. Men are like women, they like getting things wrapped up just like we do.

A rabbit hole here, however, if you are only dating a man and there is no committed relationship, he’s just a friend, then maybe – a birthday gift or Christmas gift – inexpensive and a gesture of friendship – maybe a CD or movie tickets for a movie he’s been waiting to see. Men are funny creatures in that if you are just kind of dating he might think that you are trying to go to the next level in your relationship or you will expect a gift in return.

It’s a good idea to wait for him to make the first step in the gift department – see what he brings, he’s the man, let him be first – you will know when he’s wanting to know you better. And even then, a gift is seldom any more than that, a gift. He needs to make further advancements in his own time.

Now if you are in a committed relationship remember that men do like to receive gifts. They enjoy things that have a purpose, that he can feel and handle – try a new golf club with his favorite hockey team logo or a new bathrobe.

If a birthday or gift holiday is coming up, he will more than likely tell you exactly what he wants or needs. If he does, listen-up and give him what HE wants not what you think he wants or what you want to give him.

Does he have a hobby or is he into sports? A new tool for his hobby or tickets to see his favorite sport team play. If he loves to garden, consider a new plant or a gardening gadget he wants but hasn’t bought for him self. Most guys love music, a CD or two of his favorite performer is a fun gift.

Do Not give gifts that you might give to the name you pulled at the office gift exchange – a tie or a new sweater. He probably has about a dozen of them sitting in his dresser or hanging on the tie rack. Think fun, every guy has something that he likes to fiddle with because it’s fun.

Spend some time on your gift list and you will hit on that one thing he wants or needs or is interested in. Should you absolutely fail at coming up with a gift for the man who has everything, you might have to spend time whipping up a batch of his favorite butterscotch cookies, put them in a pretty box and wrap them up with ribbons and bows.

Remember this always, “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” Pierre Corneille.

Source by Darlene Peltz