Small Treadmills – How to Work Out If You Have Limited Space


A small treadmill can be useful if you have limited room in your home to workout. There are plenty of options for making the most of limited space, thanks to some of the new designs that have come onto the market.

If you only have a small spare room or foundation to exercise in, then it is natural to look for a small treadmill to make best use of the space. The first thing that you should decide on is whether you want a fixed model or a fold up model. The advantage of the fixed model is that it is easy, convenient and available whenever you want to use it. However if you go for a small fixed treadmill, ensure that the running deck is large enough. Most people find that they are comfortable using a deck that is about 18 inches by 50 inches. Much smaller than this and it will start to feel awkward, especially if you are tall.

The advantage of a fold up model is that they can be accommodated in very small space when not in use. There are even treadmill cabinets made so that after your workout you can fold the equipment away and neatly store it out of sight. This type of treadmill is very sturdy and there are a variety of companies that manufacture them.

A further option to is to purchase a portable treadmill. Theseses are the smallest treadmills that are available. They are inexpensive and can be folded away after use and stored under the bed or in a cupboard. The running deck is not as large as on a fixed or fold up model. This makes them easier to fold away but may be a hindrance to serious athletes. A portable treadmill would suit the occasional or novice exercise enthusiast.

Source by Paul Elms