Spy Technology – The Wildest Spy Gadgets on the Market


Are you a super-secret spy and international jet-setter trying to bust super-criminals? How about a regular homeowner who wants to make sure your house is impervious to intruders?

Spy technology is everywhere today, and it's now cheap and easy to use. You can use spy gadgets for home security, property protection, or just good ol 'plain fun. Here are some of the wildest spy gadgets on the market today.

The Spy Pen Recorder:
That's right, all those James Bond movies you've watched have become reality. Nowadays, we actually have spy pens, and you do not have to be 007 to get one. These pens have digital MP3 recorders built in. They can either video or audio recorders. You can whip it out and say, "Let me sign that …" and CLICK, you're recording!

A good model on the market is the Stealth Voice Recorder Pen made by Joyfly. Spychest's Spy Pen is also a good model, with 80 hours of memory and a simple USB connection to your computer. It retails for $ 70.

Alarm Clock Cameras:
Are you looking at the clock, or is it looking at you? One of the most popular spy gadgets on the market is the alarm clock camera. This is because the digital display on alarm clocks makes it so easy to install a tiny camera, and clocks are usually placed so that they face most of the room.

The Secure Shot Dual alarm clock camera is a great model and it even goes one step further-It can see in the dark! This is even more convenient, considering nighttime is when uninvited guests usually enter. By day it uses high definition recording, and at night it records in infra-red black and white.

Peephole Reversers
The Peephole Reverser, available from Spy gadgets, lets you look into a peephole from the wrong direction. This gadget was originally used by cops to look into homes before entering them, but not it's available on the consumer market.

Another great peephole device is the peephole camera, available from Spytown. This device records through your peephole and you can view it with your PC. It's a good way to see who's at the door, or who has been at the door.

The GPS Track Stick
This is a simple device used for keeping track of where people are. It is a tiny stick that transmits a signal at intervals to your computer. It works anywhere in the world; all you have to do is put it on the person or on the thing you want to track. It can also be used to store all sorts of information. The GPS Track Stick can connect to any computer via USB and tell you all kinds of additional information.

Hidden Camera Detector
How about for folks who do not want to be spied on? Brickhouse Securities offers the hidden camera detector. This tiny, lighter-sized device has a finder that you look through, and it shows you every hidden camera, whether on or off. This simple device is easy to use and runs on regular batteries.

These days, you can get just about any gadget you want on the spy market. Spy technology has never been cheaper or more convenient. It's always a good idea to keep tabs on things!

Source by Andrew Stratton