Starting to Exercise For the First Time


When you watch those TV shows where people half kill themselves when exercising and trying to lose weight, it probably puts you off for life wanting to exercise yourself. They really push themselves hard to the point sometimes that they actually throw up. They may get results, really quickly too, but for the rest of the population it is just not a feasible or fun option.

You need to want to start exercising and not to be forced into it. You also need to enjoy exercising, otherwise you will probably give up after the first couple of weeks. If you have never really exercised, you need to gradually work your way up the fitness ladder. This way you can set your own goals at your own pace and you will stick to exercising and losing weight.

You first goal is to make a promise to yourself that you will actually start exercising. This is probably the hardest goal of all, and if you can manage to get past this hurdle you will be well on your way. You need to say to yourself right now and mean it that you promise to start exercising and that you will stick to it.

You are probably thinking at the this point where to start as the TV programs make exercising so complicated and technical. Well, it doesn’t have to be complicated, all you need to do is start walking. If you start walking at a brisk pace 30 minutes each day you will start to lose weight and become more fit. It may nor be as quick as the people you see on the TV, but it is a good start and you will make good progress.

You could walk for 30 minutes each day during your lunch hour for instance. Try to walk at a brisk pace so that you can feel your heart starting to work at a faster pace than normal. You also need to look at your diet when trying to lose weight as this is just as important as exercising. Cut out fatty foods and cut down on your calorie intake.

Source by Sean Jordan